Life Science Pubcamp

Veranstaltung / 16. 10. 2018

Ort:  The Dublin Road,  Abraham-a-Santa-Clara-Gasse 2, 8010 Graz
Zeit: 19:00 - 22:00

The second Pubcamp takes place together with our partner, the World Usability Congress, on october 16th in Graz.
Different topics will be discussed during the evening in four pubs!

The Life Science Pubcamp takes place in the Pub "The Dublin Road".
In a relaxed atmosphere, you have the opportunity meet participants from the Word Usability Congress, partners of the Styria Cluster and Life Science interested companies and students.

After an introduction round and a vote for topics the chosen propositions will then be discussed for about 30 minutes. Breaks in-between will give space to side-discussions and in-depth talks.

Please find more information to all Pubcamps here.

Participation is for free.

Optional:  Please submit topic suggestions to

Katharina Weinzerl, MSc
Business Development

T +43 (0)316 | 58 70 16 - 21 
M +43 (0)699 | 188 99 705 
F +43 (0)316 | 58 70 16 - 16

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