The winners of the Corporate Call 2022 have been chosen

As part of the Health Tech Hub on January 27, 2022 in Graz, members of the human technology cluster chose the winners of the "Corporate Call 2022".

5 questions, 5 innovative answers

Five companies from the ranks of Styria – the Kapsch BusinessCom, the Mercury insurance, the Life Support Social Servicesnext incubator together with THE CLIMATE CHOICE as well as the "European reference region for active and healthy aging in Styria’ each defined a subject area for which innovative solutions were to be found. Around 60 start-ups from 16 European countries responded to this call and submitted their ideas, prototypes or projects that had already been implemented.

Today the five winners were chosen: They are the start-ups Artiness from Milan/Italy, Oncare from Munich/Germany, as well as Know-Center and the companies Antless and Opus Novo from Graz.

3D heart for Kapsch

"Smart medical applications for clinical users" was the topic that Kapsch BusinessCom had defined for their call. The Italian company Artiness has actually developed something very smart: 3D visualizations of the heart to be operated on enable teams of doctors to plan possible steps before the operation and to discuss them within the team in order to achieve greater safety. "This is a solution that makes work easier for the clinical user and increases patient safety," says Michael Baumgartner from Kapsch.
In addition to the promised prize of €2.000, the winners can now look forward to workshops with experts from Kapsch BusinessCom, further opportunities for cooperation and possible inclusion in the Kapsch portfolio.

Digital networking for Merkur

Merkur Versicherung is very interested in digital ideas that can be integrated into a healthcare system. The German start-up Oncare was able to convince with an app that connects the entire health ecosystem - patient, doctor, pharmaceuticals and medical technology - with each other.
Oncare will now have access to the management board of Merkur Versicherung as well as a co-creation workshop with the Merkur Innovation Lab team.

Artificial intelligence for life support

The Lebenshilfe social services were looking for approaches and ways to bring health knowledge closer to people who have little or no access to the usual information platforms, such as people with disabilities or older people. The Grazer Know-Center has extensive experience and expertise in this area. It develops tailor-made learning solutions for different target groups, always based on its extensive know-how in the areas of artificial intelligence, human-machine communication, big data and data-driven business. "The expertise and the very human-centric approach of the Know-Center, despite all the technology, fits very well with our requirements for an innovation partnership," says Sabine Ettema, Innovation Manager at Lebenshilfe. Now the basis for a cooperation is being laid - among other things as part of the "Digital Design Challenge", which is being organized by Lebenshilfe in March 2022.

Neural sounds for next-incubator and THE CLIMATE CHOICE

Next-incubator, the innovation hub for sustainability of Energie Steiermark, and The Climate Choice, a Berlin business platform for climate transformation, joined forces to look for energy-efficient, healthy and "green" solutions for the working world.
The winning team from Antless focuses on the health of employees. Under the title "Well-being sounds for work", the start-up is developing science-based sound concepts for various work situations.
In a joint pilot project, the solution is now to be tested in a real environment, and the Antless team will also receive tailor-made coaching sessions from next-incubator and the "Climate Readiness Check" from The Climate Choice.

Night security for AHA

The European reference region for "active and healthy aging" (active and healthy aging, abbreviated: AHA) in Styria brings together around 30 companies from science, industry and politics. For the corporate call, they were represented by HTS boss Johann Harer and the experts from Joanneum Research Health, Sanlas Holding and Merkur Versicherung.

The contract was awarded to "Elly", a development by the Graz start-up Opus Novo. Elly is a small device that gives people in need of care security when getting out of bed at night by lighting it up in an individually adjustable way. At the same time, the caregiver is informed via an associated app - both of which are a great relief for people in need of care and their relatives or caregivers.
Opus Novo now receives as a prize - in addition to free membership in the human technology cluster for one year - participation in the four-month "Acceleration program Techhouse" in the Innovation Hub Unicorn as well as a HealthcareMovers® - Benchmarking report, i.e. services with a total value of around €50.000.

Impressions of the Corporate Call 2022