"Future-oriented rejuvenation"

K-Businesscom AG, formerly Kapsch BusinessCom AG, has officially been part of the Styria GmbH shareholder team since June 8, together with SFG, Joanneum Research, MedUni Graz, Neuroth, Payer, Roche, VTU and ZETA.
Photo with Reinhold Wurzinger and Johann Harer
Reinhold Wurzinger (left) and Johann Harer (right); Photo by Nikola Milatovic
Photo with Reinhold Wurzinger and Johann HarerReinhold Wurzinger (left) and Johann Harer (right); Photo by Nikola Milatovic

"I am very happy that we were able to win one of the most successful IT companies in Austria with K-BusinessCom as a shareholder of the HTS cluster. Together with her, we want to work even more intensively on our strategic topics "Digital Health" (integrated care concepts, telemedicine, artificial intelligence in health care), AAL (Active and Assisted Living Technologies) and sustainability and initiate joint lighthouse projects," says the head of the cluster John Harer.

And Lejla Pock, designated HTS managing director, adds: “We are very pleased that with K-Businesscom such a successful, dynamic and at the same time sustainable company is joining us as a shareholder. With its focus on digitization, K-Businesscom covers an area that enriches our shareholder portfolio immensely".

“With the digitization push, considerable energy was released in a very short time, especially in the field of human technology. Another shareholder on board also increases the competence of the cluster and enables a future-oriented rejuvenation, because the train of time demands intelligent systems, innovation but also quality. The Styrian Economic Development Agency - SFG is pleased about K-Businesscom as a strong partner, a new co-shareholder and is looking forward to successful future developments," explains SFG authorized representative Gerd Holzschlag.

And also Dr. Franz Semmernegg, member of the board of directors of K-Businesscom AG, is optimistic: "We are pleased to be able to act not only as a member, but as a shareholder of the Humantechnology Styria Cluster. We are giving the IT area within the cluster even more weight. Thanks to many years of cooperation and our success in the health sector, we are proud to be able to provide strategic support with our know-how in the Styrian life science sector. We expect to continue to advance digitization in health and social care in the future through cooperation with the best companies and look forward to many exciting projects.”

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