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With hearing strength against the stigma of hearing loss: the Styrian hearing care professional Neuroth heralds a new self-image for our hearing on the occasion of its 115th company anniversary: ​​The traditional company wants to counter existing prejudices against the subject of hearing loss with “hearing strength”. A new pop-up store and listening experiences in Graz are intended to raise awareness of our sense of hearing. The 115th anniversary was celebrated in the Joanneum district of Graz with numerous guests of honor from politics, business and health.
Neuroth shows hearing strength and opens a pop-up store in Landhausgasse in September to raise awareness of hearing
Neuroth shows hearing strength and opens a pop-up store in Landhausgasse in September to raise awareness of hearing

Away from prejudices towards the self-evident

 When Paula Neuroth opened the first "special house for hearing impaired devices" in 1907, the founder started the success story of Austria's leading hearing care professional Neuroth. The 20-kilogram desktop devices that were necessary at the time to enable people to hear better have transformed into smart, powerful lifestyle accessories over the past 115 years. On the other hand, clichés about hearing loss have stuck in people's minds.
To change this perspective and to give hearing aids the status they deserve in our society, the Styrian hearing care professional Neuroth has made it their task just in time for the company's anniversary: ​​With the focus on "hearing strength", the traditional Styrian company wants to do away with prejudices even more in the future - and increase the awareness of hearing not only in Graz.

New, open approach to the subject of hearing loss

“Good hearing lets us feel life in all its facets. Unfortunately, hearing aids are still stigmatized by many. We therefore want to draw widespread attention to the subject of hearing. In the future, we want to encourage people even more to wear a hearing aid with confidence – we want to give them the hearing strength they need. The time is ripe for a new, open approach to hearing aids. This is what drives us for the future - also in the next 115 years," says Lukas Schinko, CEO of the Neuroth Group, at the anniversary event on Thursday evening in the Joanneum district of Graz.
Numerous guests of honor from business, politics and health found words of appreciation. Elke Kahr, Mayor of the City of Graz, emphasizes the importance of our sense of hearing: “Being able to hear and listen is very important for social participation. Therefore, it cannot be overstated that Neuroth has been offering assistive technologies to help people for so long,” emphasizes Kahr. Juliane Bogner-Strauß, Styrian Health Minister, emphasizes: "Being able to understand is a basic need in an increasingly complex and noisy world - not only for older people. The Neuroth company offers help for this basic need with a great entrepreneurial and innovative spirit and has probably become a point of reference even in the Styrian business world.”


Hearing strength for the Mur metropolis: New pop-up store from September

A Neuroth pop-up store was opened ahead of time in Graz city center to mark the anniversary. The store at Landhausgasse 7 will officially open its doors on September 5th and, in addition to information about hearing, also offers its own small hearing aid museum.
In addition, various events in September raise awareness of the topic among a wide variety of age groups - from jazz evenings to lectures to the Long Night of Hearing. Under the motto "Jobs with (hearing) sense", the traditional Styrian company, which operates one of the largest hearing care laboratories in Europe in Styria, will also be presenting its diverse job profiles. "We want to create a small world of listening experience for Graz," says Schinko.

Audio experience stations: photo story, audio stories & Co.

In concrete terms, Neuroth is presenting the new “hearing strength” – in addition to the pop-up store – with various hearing experience stations on the Neuroth anniversary weekend (from August 26th to 28th) in Graz. For example, with a freely accessible sound installation in the Schlossberg tunnel ("audio stories"), with a special background noise in the Schlossberg lift (ticket required) and with a Neuroth photo story in the Joanneum district.
"As a traditional Styrian company, we want to make Graz the city of hearing on our anniversary weekend and invite all our employees from all Neuroth countries who work for better hearing every day," emphasizes Neuroth CEO Lukas Schinko, "It should a thank you for your commitment.”
Expansion in Southeastern Europe: Bosnia-Herzegovina as the eighth country While the Styrian hearing aid acoustics company, which now has around 260 locations, is bringing a piece of Europe to Graz to mark the anniversary, the company is expanding in Southeastern Europe: the first Neuroth hearing center was recently opened in Banja Luka in Bosnia opens - it is the eighth country in which Neuroth is active.
In Serbia, the Austrian hearing aids pioneer has grown from one to nine locations within a year and a half. “We see great growth potential in south-eastern Europe and are therefore continuing to focus on the region. The Austrian quality and added value are particularly appreciated,” emphasizes Schinko.

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