Enabling transformation

Transparency, vision and the will to change are the basis for leading your company into the future. The Enabling Transformation project offers support and far-reaching opportunities for this - this was the tenor at the INNOLOUNGE⁺ on November 28, 2022. The event of AC Styria Mobility Cluster and Human Technology Cluster drew numerous interested parties to the 14th floor of the Styria Media Center.

The current project, co-financed by SFG and ERDF, was presented under the motto "Aiming high" through transformation and digitization. The project managers Azemina Baltic (AC Styria mobility cluster) and Carina Ricko (human technology cluster) have many years of experience in project management and design the evaluation phase together with interested companies. In addition, the experts take over the complete processing of funding applications Enabling transformation – for many companies, often a daunting hurdle. The project supports the systematic advice of Styrian companies with public funds.

Together with consultants, the implementation of Enabling transformation. The two clusters provide a pool of consultants. One of them is Gerald Jaritz, managing director of the GJ think tank. He also provided insights into the project process and scored points with clear words at the INNOLOUNGE⁺. Companies can expect the greatest success when they are ready for a transparent and comprehensive company analysis. This is followed by several project development steps, which can be quite time-consuming. If a change management process is also anchored at the highest levels of the company, then it leads Enabling transformation in a sustainable future, Gerald Jaritz was convinced.

Philip Reuchlin, Head of Climate at pioneers GmbH, also provided numerous aha moments. In an interactive presentation, he went into the basics of the funding project, namely the United Nations' sustainability goals (SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals) and didn't skimp on clear examples of how much CO² we produce every day and what fatal consequences it will have if we don't work quickly to reduce these gases. He also explained to the interested audience how a well-founded company analysis works, what conclusions can be drawn from it and what potential for change can be derived from it. His core message: there are still screws everywhere that you can turn. No one should shirk responsibility when it comes to climate change. The project Enabling transformation can help enormously financially and structurally.

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