Silent participation - the SFG contribution to your success

Do you run an established company and want to continue growing? Invest in research & development? Bring your products to market quickly? The SFG gives your project impetus: with a silent participation of up to 1,5 million euros. Your advantage: You receive economic equity and remain independent.

Silent participation - the SFG contribution to your success

Investments, production transition projects, market development, company successions - these are all the classic projects that SFG co-finances with a silent participation. The SFG is already on board with this financing program for more than 50 companies in Styria and leverages added value in the multiple millions.

Higher credit rating – more leeway

The most important key points at a glance: The SFG can contribute up to 1,5 million euros in the financing campaign Silent Participation and takes on a maximum of two thirds of the project sum. As a silent partner, they do not appear externally, but are only investors, not actors in your company. So you get a fast and flexible increase in your capital - and the shareholdings of the company do not change. Very important: A silent participation is economic equity and thus improves creditworthiness and the scope for further financing.

The rules of the game

What does the SFG expect from you and your company? A stable economic situation, a clear business strategy and sufficient technical and commercial competence. The fixed fee and the profit-related fee are mutually agreed, depending on the content, opportunities and risks of your project. The same applies to refunds. The SFG experts sit down with you and work out a repayment plan that suits both sides.

Your advantage

If you want, you can benefit from the experience and expertise of the SFG financing team as part of the silent participation beyond the financial aspects. This means that you can talk to the financing experts and draw on their know-how when it comes to important decisions, strategic decisions or business matters.

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