Innovation Awards 2023 presented

On Thursday, March 30.3.2023th, 180, the winners of the corporate call were chosen as part of the Health Tech Hub Styria - Pitch & Partner 2023, which was well attended by around XNUMX people: The Innovation Awards went to Vertify and Ambicura.
Proud winner: Jürgen Mirandola-Morak, Ambicura
Proud winner: Jürgen Mirandola-Morak, Ambicura

The international research center Virtual Vehicle had called for pitchings on the topic of collecting and using health-related data about vehicle occupants. 

The winning team from the MedTech startup Verify has developed software that is AI-supported and is able to use eye tracking via the cell phone camera to gain health-related knowledge based on the smallest pupil movements and thus, for example, to recognize the cause of dizziness. An exciting development, which is now being checked for its applicability within a vehicle.

Other finalists were Smart skin, a project group at Graz University of Technology that is currently developing an “artificial skin” that reacts to moisture, pressure and temperature changes. The second finalist Solgenium, can process data from a wide variety of sources with its SOHLARIS source platform and evaluate it with an AI for various health issues.

The Club smart ageing, behind which the Graz Geriatric Health Centers stand, had deliberately broadened its call: the search was simply for the most innovative solution in Europe in the field of Active & Assisted Living.

The winning start-up Ambicura has developed a barrier-free and extremely easy-to-use device that provides easy access to digital applications. Seniors no longer have to struggle with smartphones, iPads or computers, with updates, accounts, passwords and operating systems, but can easily call up the zoom call with the grandchildren, their favorite program on Ö1 or even a digital photo album.

Finalist build intelligent with the product RafiCare, represented by Adran Schneider, focuses on digital solutions for supporting nursing staff: Sensors measure vital signs and movement data, among other things, and send them to a central system, which then informs the nursing staff.

Hel Watch, represented by Rainer Kindelmann and second finalist, offers a comprehensive security system for your own four walls with MyStella: base station and
Accessories such as a smart watch form a communication channel to the corresponding ones
emergency centers.

Photo impressions of the corporate call

Photos by Oliver Wolf / SFG and HTS