General Terms and Conditions for Qualification Workshops

1. Scope and Registration

1.1. The present General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "AVB") regulate the contractual relationship between Human.technology Styria GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "HTS") and the companies that register their employees as participants (TN) for HTS events , so that the contractual relationship is considered a mutual business transaction and the AVB also apply to contractual relationships in which individual participants register themselves.

1.2. Deviations from the present AVB only apply if they are recognized in writing by both parties.

1.3. When registering their participants, companies must provide their first and last name, address and telephone number no later than 7 days before the respective event.

1.4. The HTS only accepts registrations and rebookings in writing, by post, fax or e-mail. The registration is only binding after receipt of the invoice amount or after presentation of a confirmation of payment


2. Changes in the event program / event cancellation

2.1. HTS reserves the right to make changes to the program of events. The realization of an event also depends on a minimum number of participants. The participants will be informed of this in good time and in an appropriate manner.

2.2. If the event has to be canceled by HTS for organizational or other reasons, the participant fee will be refunded in full. Repayment is made by bank transfer to an account specified in writing by the participant. If an event is canceled due to illness of the trainer or other unforeseen events, there is no entitlement to the event being held. Compensation for expenses incurred and other claims against HTS cannot be derived from this.

2.3. HTS assumes no liability for printing or typing errors in publications, documents and other documents it has reproduced or distributed, or for printing or typing errors on websites.


3. Invoicing and payment terms

3.1. The participant price is per individual and will be charged plus statutory sales tax. Billing takes place per event with invoicing after binding registration. Payable promptly after receipt of the invoice. The registration is only binding after receipt of the invoice amount or after presentation of a confirmation of payment

3.2. If the customer does not meet his payment obligation on time, HTS is entitled to charge interest on arrears at the statutory rate. Dunning costs are borne by the customer. Insofar as HTS can prove further damage from the default in payment, these are to be compensated by the defaulting customer.


4. Force Majeure

If an event has to be canceled due to force majeure (this includes epidemics, strikes, lockouts, floods, fire, unrest, war or war-like conflicts, illness of one or more important speakers and all events where the safety of participants, speakers or staff is not is no longer guaranteed) are cancelled, the participants will be informed by the HTS in a suitable manner and as quickly as possible. Any payments made for participation in such an event will be reimbursed to the client or participant. Any further compensation by HTS, such as loss of earnings, pro rata wage costs or travel and accommodation expenses, is expressly excluded.


5. Cancellation Policy

5.1. If you are unable to attend, a written cancellation is required. The following cancellation fees apply from the time of registration:

– up to 2 weeks before the seminar: free cancellation.

– Less than 2 weeks before the seminar: 25% of the agreed fee.

– Less than 1 week before the seminar: 50% of the agreed fee.

– in case of no-show: 100%


The time of the written receipt by HTS is decisive. Likewise, if the respective participant fails to appear, the entire amount is due. Substitute participants are gladly accepted at no additional cost.

5.2. If you are prevented from attending due to illness, a medical certificate must be presented. In this case, the cancellation fee is 50% of the event costs. The remaining amount will be refunded in the form of a voucher for further HTS events.


6. Liability

6.1. The full payment of the fee for the respective events only entitles the participant to take part in them and to receive the corresponding conference documents, other claims are expressly excluded. All event documents handed out as part of the events are protected by copyright and may not, not even in part, be duplicated or used commercially within the meaning of the UrhG. The knowledge and content conveyed in the events reflect the respective knowledge, views and doctrines of the lecturers; Under no circumstances can the events replace individual problem analyzes or comprehensive advice for companies or provide problem solutions adapted to individual cases. The HTS assumes no liability whatsoever for the content, topicality, correctness or completeness of events, event presentations, conference documents and documentation or for the application of the knowledge imparted by the participants.

6.2. All training confirmations and certificates issued by HTS are merely evidence of private training and not a document under public law from which no subjective claims under public law can be derived. At the end of an event, each participant receives a confirmation of participation, provided that 75% of the participants are present. On a voluntary basis, there is the option of taking a written test on the course content of each event in order to receive a training confirmation if the result is positive. The participant receives the certificate after passing an exam at the end of a module or after submitting all training confirmations of the individual, associated events.


7. Privacy

7.1 All personal data in the HTS database are subject to the statutory provisions (GDPR, TKG 2003). They are only used for billing purposes, statistics, sales, marketing and to prepare expert discussions in the course of designing new topics. By registering, the client and participant give their express consent to the use of the data for the purposes listed above.

7.2 The transfer of personal data to third parties requires the prior and express consent of the client or the participant.

7.3 Every client or participant has the right to inspect their data record and to correct or delete it, provided the data concerned is not required for administrative matters or for documentation and statistics. All personal data will be deleted on request and after expiry of the legally standardized periods in accordance with the statutory provisions.

7.4 By registering, the client or participant agrees to the transmission of information material or event advertising for HTS events by e-mail and fax.


8. Jurisdiction, applicable law and place of performance

Place of jurisdiction is Graz, Austrian law applies exclusively. The place of performance is the respective event location.