Enabling Innovation

Innovation on Order at Human.technology Styria

Most companies wish to be part of the international admired economic community. Using innovative approaches could be key to make these hopes come true. Human.technology Styria is supporting this wish via the project "Enabling Innovation" that will help regional small and medium enterprises to close the line to the savviest companies out there.



Tutoring for Entrepreneurial Creativity

Participants at Human.technology Styria's project "Enabling Innovation" are offered a funding of about 30.000 Euro to drive their innovation process. The target group is small and medium enterprises active in human technologies and life sciences that have already tried some innovative approaches and want to go further. "We think of main topics like MedTech and medical products, biotech, pharma, everything about health and healthy aging, or information and communication technologies associated with life sciences". explains Regina Werkl, project manager at Human.technology Styria.

"Enabling Innovation is a Project for small and medium Styrian enterprises that is valid until May 31, 2019. Fundings of about 30.000 Euro (or 75 %) are available for measures that raise the innovation potential."

The application at the HTS is followed by an evaluation process. The highest ranked Styrian applicants will get a professional innovation coaching. Therefore, 75% of the costs or about 30.000 Euro will be funded. The project is supporting the whole innovation process starting with a market analysis and covers aspects like the generation of innovative ideas, the design of technologies and prototypes, or the financing and approval. Additionally, project and conflict management, mediation, law, and ethics, as well as measures for increasing the efficiency through improving the working climate, can be part of the funded Project.

The most promising approaches will be determined in an innovation audit for each participating company. As a result, there will be a defined package of measures that should unveil the whole innovative potential of the company. All consulting measures will be guided by qualified service suppliers. Werkl: "This way we want to help our community to reach the international top of innovation". The project is funded by a program of the European Union called EFRE and concluded by the Styrian Business Promotion Agency. Human.technology Styria is responsible for the guidance of the project as well as for documentation, organization, and Accounting.

For more information about the project or in the case of interest for participation please contact: regina.werkl(at)human.technology.at.

This project is cofinanced using fundings from the European Fund for Regional Development EFRE. Find more information about EFRE/IWB at www.efre.gv.at.