Enabling Digital Innovation (EDI)

Innovation made to order by human.technology.styria

Through innovation to world class is a cherished entrepreneurial desire. This can now be matched by the human.technology.styria cluster (HTS). The project "Enabling Digital Innovation" is about supporting local companies to an international innovation Peak.



Grants for Consultancy on Digitalization Innovation in Enterprises

Styria has a clear vision for economic policy: By 2025 the region aims to be a European benchmark for intelligent transformation to a knowledge-based production society - with a solid commitment to resource-efficient growth. In a strongly competitive environment, this can only be achieved if businesses have excellent innovation capabilities.

"Growth through Innovation" is consequently the heart of the Economic Strategy for Styria 2025.

The future of a successful business location will be determined largely by the innovative energy and the digital readiness of its enterprises. The goal of the grant programme is therefore to boost the innovative capability and also the expertise in digitalization of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that are active in the Life Science field or want to enter the sector, and to make them fit for international competition.

The project "Enabling Digital Innovation" will provide support for systematic consulting for Styrian businesses, with the goal of helping them on their way towards top levels of innovation. Eligible activities will be systemic consulting measures that can generate long-term improvements in the businesses, and may include measures in innovation management and/or enhancements to the companies' digital readiness. The grants cover a process for matching companies with appropriate consultants, the consultancy itself and support with project formalities.

In principle the programme covers any activities that are needed to enable continuous innovation in companies or to improve their digital readiness levels, whether by expanding their digital capabilities or by carrying out digital transformations of specific business areas or of the whole business.

"In this way we want to help our companies to be at the forefront of international innovation", explains project head Regina Werkl.

75% of the consultancy costs will be covered by the project and the participating companies will pay the remaining 25% themselves.

The project is supported by the EU programme ERDF and managed by the Styrian Business promotion Agency SFG. The Human Technology Cluster is responsible for coordination of the EDI project. The project begins on 1 June 2019.

Anyone who is interested in taking part in the project should please contact regina.werkl(at)human.technology.at.

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund ERDF. More information on the ERDF/IGE is available at www.efre.gv.at. This project is cofinanced using fundings from the European Fund for Regional Development EFRE. Find more information about EFRE/IWB at www.efre.gv.at.