The Corporate Call connects leading companies in the region that are looking for innovative solutions with innovative start-ups from all over Europe. 

The aim is to support Styrian companies in their next innovative step with the most outstanding solutions and thus to strengthen the innovative power of the region and the leading companies themselves through future-oriented partnerships and cooperation.

Successful cooperations have already been initiated with the Corporate Call in previous years. Well-known cluster companies such as ams AG, of Energie Steiermark, SANLAS Holding, Mercury insurance, Life Support Social Services, K-Businesscom, could be brought together with innovative partners from all over Europe.

The corporate call and the HTH are also preparing the ground for innovative life science companies to settle in the region. For example, the HTH 2020 was the first point of contact for a young Slovenian-Italian MedTech start-up, which as a Styrian spin-off is now successful in the science park Graz was incubated.

Calls 2023

“We are looking for an innovation
collects, evaluates and/or communicates health data about the occupants of a vehicle. "

Anton Fox
Virtual Vehicle

"We are looking for
the most innovative AAL solution in Europe in the field
Active & Assisted Living.”

Wolfgang Kratky
SMART AGING – AAL Center Esther


Award Winners 2021 I 2020

  • ARTINESS (2022)
  • ONCARE (2022)
  • KNOW CENTER (2022)
  • ANTLESS (2022)
  • OPUS NOVO (2022)
  • GARNET – Austria (2021)
  • Allm EMEA – Germany (2021)
  • DARWIN Biomedical – Spain (2021)
  • RetroBrain R&D – Germany (2021)
  • cogvis – Austria (2020)
  • HexagonFab – Switzerland & UK (2020)
  • care center – Austria (2020)
  • Neohelden – Germany (2020)


Dr. Lorenz Neuhauser-Happe
Business Development: MedTech