EU project


The project was funded by the EU program ERDF and handled by the Styrian business development agency SFG. 

The human technology cluster was responsible for the EDI project coordination, the starting signal was given on June 1, 2019. 

This project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 
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What was the aim of the project?

  • Promotion of innovation
  • Improving know-how in the field of digitization

Who has been promoted?

  • Styrian micro-enterprises as well as small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Companies that are active in the life sciences sector or would like to gain a foothold there
  • Companies striving for international leadership in innovation

What was funded?

  • Systematic digitization and innovation consulting for Styrian companies
  • Measures that are suitable for increasing the innovative ability of companies
  • Necessary consulting concepts and approaches to continuously create innovations in the company
  • Increasing the digital maturity level of a company
  • Further development of digital performance
  • Digital transformation of individual business areas or the entire company

Success stories

Stoelzle Oberglas GmbH

"There is now a framework for innovation that we can build on to generate new innovative ideas in a targeted manner."

Niklas Zwettler, Head of Research & Development

Probando GmbH

"The will had been there for a long time, but it was only through Enabling Digital Innovation (EDI) that the work got rolling!"

Julia Harrer, Co-Founder & CMO Probando GmbH

Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH

"Thanks to HTS and EDI, LESS can really mean MORE through digitization."

Christian Lorenz, Managing Director

Screenguest GmbH

"It was the efficient construction of an optimized process flow for new projects thanks to Enabling Digital Innovation (EDI)"

Thomas Winters, CEO

Institute AllergoSan

"Only with ongoing digitization will we be one step ahead in the future."

Thomas Perissutti, Managing Director

NoTube GmbH

"We have received important input on new digital business models and want to use the improved processes to open up new target markets."

Daniela Schachner-Blazizek, Managing Director

LOGICDATA Electronic & Software Development GmbH

"We felt very well looked after by HTS throughout the entire EDI project and look forward to further joint projects."

Stefan Kieler, Sales Director

Tyromotion GmbH

"With the help of EDI, we were able to further expand our digitization potential and increase the degree of innovation of new developments."

Alexander Kolreider, CTO

NumeriCor GmbH

"The "Enabling Digital Innovation" (EDI) funding project was the perfect opportunity to analyze and improve our innovation structures and processes."

Aurel Neic, Managing Director

Qualizyme Diagnostics GmbH & Co KG

"Enabling Digital Innovation (EDI) supports the fight against the unnecessary use of antibiotics."

Eva Sigl, General Management, Research and Product Development

Success stories