Digital Health & AAL - a new normality


"We live for innovation, we do not stand still", said Dr. Rainer Planinc (Member of the Board of AAL Austria/ Managing Director of Cogvis) on the beautiful roof terrace of the Styria Media Center on October 22nd.

With more precise words one of our keynote speakers could hardly describe the aim of our event to present Styrian or Austrian innovations in the fields of Digital Health & AAL. Our cooperation partners are moving with the times: the lockdown in spring has already initiated a first push in digitization. Now our aim is to advance digitization, especially in the healthcare sector, and to take advantage of the increased awareness of this topic. Because the current trend shows a new willingness to use digital solutions. Examples include a temporarily rapidly introduced e-medication, that ELGA recorded numerous returnees, and the citizens' readiness to provide their data increased. In self-isolation, the immense benefits of various AAL solutions were brought into the spotlight, and countless Austrians would have preferred a system that was already available on the market.

Through the lockdown to the digitalization surge
In his keynote speech, Univ. Prof. Dr. Siegfried Meryn called for a rethinking of the healthcare system. After all, the future is "already past". With highly exciting outlooks on digitization trends such as "from hospital to home hospital" through the possibilities offered by wearables and smartphones, as well as insights into projects by well-known IT groups, Meryn highlighted the acute need for change in Austria. Subsequently, Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Werner Leodolter addressed digital transformation in the healthcare sector. He particularly emphasized the important importance of process management: "Bad processes remain bad processes even when digitalized".

Rethink healthcare
In the second half of the event, the innovative strength of domestic companies in the fields of "Digital Health" and "AAL" was presented in several short pitches. One of the participants, Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister, founder of Tremitas, commented: "It is exciting to see which new technologies, still imagined as "science fiction" technologies, are actually already state-of-the-art.

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