Extending reality with virtual and augmented reality


An exclusive cross-cluster company tour (in cooperation with Creative Industries Styria) on a small scale took us to our partner Mindconsole GmBH on September 29th . Perhaps it is these kinds of events that are needed in these special times to promote our network more specifically. This resulted in the unique opportunity for all participants to experience the fascinating world of Virtual Reality (VR) extensively. For instance, it was possible to dive directly into a police and rescue operation in front of the Merkur Arena in Graz or to accompany the Berlin fire department on the new U5 line.

International team with a broad product portfolio
The Mindconsole team, which focuses on film production, motion design and interactive media (virtual reality, augmented reality and 360°), provided insights into the countless applications of these technologies. Especially through the personal and voluntary commitment of Markus Karlseder, managing director of Mindconsole, who has been working for almost 20 years in the field of executive training for the Red Cross and other emergency organizations, the virtual reality - support of the international disaster control exercise Ironore2019 in Eisenerz last year and currently in cooperation with the Berlin fire department, was able to use the technology intensively and gain insights into the advantages of the additional use of the technologies. Not the least because of the global orientation with the locations Graz, Berlin and Sydney, it was already possible to work with international brands such as Pernod Ricard, Samsung or TEDx Sydney. Their list of further customers includes companies such as Red Bull, Servus TV, Huawei, Mercedes Benz, Magna Steyr, Schullin, Tyromotion, Swisscom, Porr and Mini.

Countless areas of application
In addition to the advertising industry, building planning and product design in e.g. the automotive industry, there are also extensive fields of application in medicine: In diagnosis/planning, where, for example, the presentation of imaging can be implemented in the room for planning a surgical intervention, or in rehabilitation, where VR Gamification playfully accelerates therapy. The technology can also support the treatment of mental disorders and phobias or be used as simulation training for the practical training of medical personnel. These and many more applications will lead us closer to virtual reality in the future!

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