Corporate Call: Searching for innovative ideas or solutions in developing the smart and communicating bottle of the future!


Stoelzle Glass Group - Europe’s only manufacturer of packaging glass aimed at Pharma, Perfumery & Cosmetics, Spirits as well as Tableware markets and with more than 200 years of experience - is searching for people or companies who are familiar with IoT, Industry 4.0, NFC, RFID, iBeacon and the behaviours of the millennials to find the smartest solution for a communicating bottle.

Stoelzle wants to find new ideas to make their glass not only well produced but also well educated! Their future glass should communicate its production details, information about the product itself and much more.

Long story short: Stoelzle Glass group is looking for an innovative partner with an equally innovative idea or concept to produce smart glass that communicates along the whole value chain:



The pharmacy

... and the customer Stoelzle Glass Group is an innovative company in a traditional industry who is searching for smart partners to develop the future and to dive into this unique project.

In return, the winners will gain a unique insight into the glass industry and will be accommodated in their hotel in Bärnbach offering a tour through their production facility. Furthermore the winners will receive a workshop of 5 hours of a renowned management consultancy. Sometimes a good idea just needs some inspiration! Submissions for the Corporate Call including a pitch deck and short video are open until 15th of January 2021. Apply now!

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