Corporate Call: Searching for smart data solutions for personalized drugs


G. L. Pharma is looking for experts in data analytics and data-driven solutions, who have an idea or innovative approach of how to develop a smart algorithm for personalized oral drugs. Research have shown that it is possible for machine learning algorithms to be used in therapeutic drug monitoring and with a well-structured, rich, and large dataset, a very accurate model can be built. The major topic of G. L. Pharma is therefor to support novel data-based strategies for the most effective drug combinations in the context of personalized medicine.

In particular, G. L. Pharma is looking for a solution, an innovative approach or a best practice example that has a data model at its core and supports them with their topic offering a solution (e.g. a mobile app, web-based data model, etc.) that should generate recommendations for automized, personalized, 3DP/2DP printing technology enabled drugs.

In a future cooperation G. L. Pharma would like to develop an analytical model, which incorporates the following features...

... cleans, structures and analyses data input effectively and reliably

... creates and improves treatment algorithms on basis of several big data sets considering different diagnostic aspects, drug interactions, incompatibilities, genotyping, chronobiology/circadian rhythm, daily fluctuations of symptoms etc.

... provides a data-based recommendation/input for the drug manufacturing process (e.g. 3DP/2DP) in order to produce a personalized tablet, sublingual film etc.

... includes potential feedback loop as treatment control G. L. Pharma believes that in future, medications will have to be even better tailored to meet individual patient needs and data-based, analytical approaches to manufacturing & solution delivery will provide the right answers.

G. L. Pharma is looking for a joint approach in developing a personalized medicine solution offering to the winners an access to their strong network of cooperation partners including also a piloting and testing of the best solution (app, data model, etc.) with selected business partners.

The winners will additionally be rewarded two exclusive "EIT Health Summit tickets" powered by EIT Health. Submissions for the Corporate Call including a pitch deck and short video are open until 15th of January 2021. Apply now!

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