Cluster members Tremitas and SanSirro win Born Global Champions award (Kopie 1)


An increasing number of entrepreneurs are focusing on the global markets at the time of their founding for their ideas, products and services. These so-called 'born globals' convince on worldwide level through innovations and disruptions or with their specialized niche products. AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA has once again included 30 domestic entrepreneurs in the family of 'Born Global Champions' in the year of crisis 2020. The main criteria for recognition are foundation since 2014, the goal of international growth, and an innovative product or service.

"Austria's 'Born Global Champions' convince consumers with their fresh ideas and innovative products. Their focus on international markets from the very beginning is what has made these companies particularly successful and crisis-proof," said WKÖ President Harald Mahrer, congratulating the 30 winning entrepreneurs.

The international success stories of the 30 entrepreneurs range across all federal states and industries. The Styrian-Carinthian company Tremitas provides relief for Parkinson's & tremors with its solution. Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister developed the world's first mobile "tremor measuring device". It helps tremor patients in many countries to obtain the accurate diagnosis and therapy. Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister's recipe for success: "I either finish things completely or not at all - there is no question of quitting prematurely."

Hannes Steiner from SanSirro is working on a different smart solution. The thinking smart shirt is shaking up the international sports world. The washable sports shirt can record and analyze vital and movement data. A special embroidery process incorporates intelligent sensors that measure data directly on the body, such as heart and breathing rates, calorie consumption or speed and acceleration. "We are able to respond very quickly to the needs of the market and react promptly. In the smart-textile market we expect a huge growth, the competences are very limited worldwide. That's why we are given a great opportunity even as a small company," says the innovative entrepreneur from Lang in the Leibnitz district, looking optimistically into the future.

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