HTS partner medaia secures a 6-digit investment


6-digit investment: Valnon Holding takes a stake in the Austrian / Graz skin cancer prevention app SkinScreener. International expansion planned.

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The smartphone app developed by the Austrian / Graz start-up medaia GmbH (= MEDical Artificial Intelligence Applications) assesses the cancer risk from skin changes quickly and easily with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to the reliability of over 95% proven in clinical studies and the great global market potential, one aspect in particular has contributed significantly to the participation of Valnon Holding through six-figure investments: skin cancer is now the most common type of cancer and early detection saves lives!

World-leading AI with great growth potential

"With SkinScreener, medaia GmbH has the world's leading AI for the early detection of skin cancer," says investor Mag. Stefan Liechtenstein, CEO of Valnon Holding. With the new strategic and financially strong partner, the next expansion steps with France, Italy and Spain have already been planned - Australia and the USA are new target markets.

The EU-wide certified medical product is currently available for download in the Apple and Google stores in Austria and Germany as well as in Great Britain and Ireland. The great potential can be seen in the currently more than 30,000 users alone. Interesting detail, the English market has already overtaken the German-speaking market with a 41% market share. The next expansion steps are already planned with France, Italy and Spain - Australia and the USA are new target markets.

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