Genspeed Biotech GmbH

GENSPEED Biotech GmbH offers a fully automated OEM test solution based on the patented technology platform. Rapid tests can be developed for medical point-of-need diagnostics and various industrial applications or adapted for existing tests such as ELISAS. The innovative GENSPEED® technology combines microfluidics, miniaturized optoelectronics and automation to easily deliver precise and objective, laboratory-like on-site test results. GENSPEED Biotech also develops, manufactures and sells rapid tests based on IVD-CE certified GENSPEED® technology. This includes tests for the rapid detection of the most important pathogens of periodontitis and a test panel for the detection of hospital infections (antibiotic resistance).
Business Park 2 / Building B
4261 Rainbach
T: + 43 664 81 92 993


The Styrian life science community is also a very lively job market. 
There are numerous and very different career paths along the entire value chain. 

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