Allergosan Institute

The Allergosan Institute deals with the research, development and sale of products made from natural substances such as plant extracts, minerals and a focus on medically relevant probiotics.
Through intensive cooperation with internationally renowned researchers from the fields of medicine, biology, pharmacy and biochemistry, it has been possible to establish a recognized competence center for microbiome research.
Gmeinstrasse 13
8055 Graz
T: + 43 316 40 53 05
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The Styrian life science community is also a very lively job market. 
There are numerous and very different career paths along the entire value chain. 

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Study proves positive effects of probiotics

The colonoscopy is one of the most important preventive examinations to maintain health, especially after the age of 50, and to identify possible tissue changes in good time.

Although the technical and scientific development of colonoscopy has made great progress, many people still shy away from this important examination: Digestive problems that have been experienced personally or reported by family and friends after the colonoscopy are often a reason not to have the colonoscopy performed.

The reason for constipation, flatulence and the like lies in a microbiome that has been massively changed by the intestinal lavage.

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