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With a 115-year tradition, Neuroth is not only Austria's leading hearing care company, but also one of the leading providers in Europe. The Neuroth Group employs a total of around 1.200 people at around 260 locations in 8 countries - with the aim of enabling people to hear with the help of individual hearing solutions. In addition to tailor-made hearing aid and hearing protection solutions, the business areas also include pediatric acoustics and medical technology. Lukas Schinko is the CEO of the Neuroth Group, which has its headquarters in Graz (Styria). He is the fourth generation to manage the family business - together with CFO Michael Paul and COO Barbara Tscheliessnigg. The Europe-wide supply center is located in Lebring in southern Styria – just like the Neuroth Academy.
Paula-Neuroth-Strasse 1
8403 Lebring
T: +43 800 80 01 80 01
F: +43 316 99 56 00 5000


The Styrian life science community is also a very lively job market. 
There are numerous and very different career paths along the entire value chain. 

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115 years of Neuroth

With hearing strength against the stigma of hearing loss: the Styrian hearing care professional Neuroth heralds a new self-image for our hearing on the occasion of its 115th company anniversary: ​​The traditional company wants to counter existing prejudices against the subject of hearing loss with “hearing strength”. A new pop-up store and listening experiences in Graz are intended to raise awareness of our sense of hearing. The 115th anniversary was celebrated in the Joanneum district of Graz with numerous guests of honor from politics, business and health.

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Photo with Reinhold Wurzinger and Johann Harer

"Future-oriented rejuvenation"

K-Businesscom AG, formerly Kapsch BusinessCom AG, has officially been part of the Styria GmbH shareholder team since June 8, together with SFG, Joanneum Research, MedUni Graz, Neuroth, Payer, Roche, VTU and ZETA.

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