Qualizyme Diagnostics GmbH & Co KG

Qualizyme Diagnostics GmbH & Co KG is an innovative research and development start-up company based in Graz in the ZWT, the center for knowledge and technology transfer in medicine.
The goal of the company is the development of new technologies in the field of medical diagnostics. Qualizyme Diagnostics GmbH has an excellent, patented technology for early, fast, safe and cost-effective detection of wound infections. In addition to the development of point-of-care tests in the medical field, the company offers a range of standardized tests and stability spectrometric enzyme tests, as well as the development of further analytical assays on request. An important step in contract research was the successful certification according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 in March 2015.
Neue Stiftingtalstrasse 2
8010 Graz / Austria
T: +43 316 34999511