san Sirro GmbH

SanSirro develops, produces and sells individual sportswear with a focus on textiles. In addition to individual sportswear, SanSirro has started the development of intelligent textiles (smart textiles) with the "QUS - Body connected" project, which will be able to measure heart rate and breathing rate thanks to integrated textile sensors.
The information is transmitted online and analyzed by special algorithms. With this unique information package, the individual will achieve much better monitoring of activities - also in real time - and improve the success of sporting activities. The market launch will take place in 2018, the first functional prototypes will be available in the summer. With these products, SanSirro addresses the market for team and individual sports in certain segments from professional to leisure sports.
The business model combines technology and individual outfit to maximize both personal and sporting success.
Steiner industrial area, Stangerdorf 110
8403 Lebring
T: + 43 664 889 764 60
F: +43 3182 5205050

Series A funding for Smart-Shirt

Washable high technology: sanSirro from Lebring now wants to take off globally with the QUS product line. An investment of millions provides a boost – with prominent names and the SFG on board.


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