“We are looking for an innovative application
that collects, evaluates and/or communicates health-related data about the occupants of a vehicle. "

Anton Fuchs, Virtual Vehicle

The challenge

We are looking for start-ups that address one of the following topics or scenarios with their know-how and at least one technology artifact:

  • Physis and psyche: combination of medical diagnostics, wearables, psychology (behaviour), eye tracking, acoustics
  • subjective perception / sensation and reaction of the vehicle occupants to information / stimuli from inside and outside the vehicle
  • Automatic braking in autonomous driving: at what distance from the vehicle in front do you start to feel uncomfortable?
  • Observation of the occupants during autonomous driving

The background

Currently, the car's sensors are primarily directed outwards. However, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on the people in the vehicle. After all, fatigue and cardiovascular diseases cause around 7% of all fatal traffic accidents in Austria. Driver distractions also pose a major risk. Applications that recognize and communicate dangers at an early stage help to make traffic safer.

An example of where development could go: Vital parameters are recorded and analyzed while driving. When certain changes are detected, a warning is sent to the person behind the wheel or to medical facilities. Alarmed emergency vehicles can then be informed in advance about the state of health.

The win

  • Invitation to Graz
  • Dinner with a well-known industrial partner from the mobility, health and/or microelectronics sector
  • Opportunity to contribute ideas and technologies to projects with partners from the automotive industry.
  • Possibility to integrate the application in a demonstrator
  • Presentation of the solution at the international 16th Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle on 13./14. Sep 2023

The monitoring of health parameters in the vehicle will continue to gain in importance in the coming years.



Virtual Vehicle is a leading international R&D center for the automotive and rail industries. The center focuses on the consistent virtualization of vehicle development. This combination of numerical simulations and hardware tests leads to a comprehensive hardware-software system design.

The monitoring of health parameters in the vehicle will continue to gain in importance in the coming years. This virtual vehicle project brings together the areas of mobility, health and microelectronics and is a cross-cluster initiative by Styria, ACstyria and Silicon Alps.

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