HTH virtual: Climate and Health

Donnerstag, 26. Januar
09:30 - 13:00 Uhr
Online Meeting

Der Klimawandel wird in Zukunft zu einer Zunahme extremer Wetterphänomene führen. Dies wird massive Auswirkungen auf unsere Gesundheit haben. Von physischen Folgen wie etwa Infektionen, Verletzungen oder im Extremfall der Tod bis hin zu psychischen Problemen wie Stress, Angst und Depressionen.

Im HTH virtual – einer kleinen, englischsprachigen  Online-Pre-Session zum Präsenz-HTH am 30.3.2023 – werden sich die Keynote Speaker Franz Prettenthaler und Lars-Peter Kamolz mit diesen Themenfeldern aus ganz unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln beschäftigen. Weiters im Programm: Corporate Call: Erfolgsgeschichten und aktuelle Calls, DESIRE – der neue Eurocluster Health sowie ein Input von Tarja Enala zum boomenden Healthcare Markt Finnland.

HTH virtual: Climate and Health
26. Januar 09:30 Uhr
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  • Key Note 1
    Franz Prettenthaler: Climate change – a key challenge for health in the 21st century.
    This keynote will provide a brief summary of the current state of the heating planet and ideas on how we must prepare for the related future health crisis. By providing examples of solutions, we hope to leave the audience with a sense of optimism.

  • Key Note 2
    Lars-Peter Kamolz: Sustainable Ageing
    As we grow older, questions surrounding the topics of “health” and “healthy aging” become increasingly important. Due to demographic developments, this topic will be of central importance not only for each individual, but also for our society as a whole. The aim of the lecture is to provide an overview of this exciting topic.

  • Success Stories: Winning teams of the previous calls
    – Kathrin Schwarzl & Christoph Schnalzer, Antless : Successes and new challenges after winning the Corporate Call 2022
    – Andreas Frankl, Opus novo:  Why the Corporate Call has helped us on our way: effects, developments and outlook for the future
    – Adrián Jiménez, DARWIN Biomedical: How winning the Corporate Call ended up changing our future as a startup for good

  • Brief presentation of the calls 2023 by representatives of the corporates

    – Virtual Vehicle, Hannes Allmaier: “We are looking for an innovative application that collects, analyzes, and/or communicates health-related data about car passengers.”
    – Smart AgeingWolfgang Kratky: “We are looking for Europe’s most innovative AAL solution in the field of Active & Assisted Living.”

  • DESIRE – The new Eurocluster “Health”, Lisa-Maria Katholnig & Pascal Mülner

  • The Finnish Digital Health & Healthcare Market, Tarja Enala, Senior Advisor, Health and Wellbeing, Invest in Finland
    – Brief introduction of Business Finland and governmental stakeholder
    – Unique aspects of the Finnish health ecosystem
    – Finland as top health R&D location
    – Digital health ecosystem highlights
    – Business Finland/Invest in Finland services eg. funding instruments

  • B2B meetings.