Nutek’s Rainbow Probe is a High-resolution Hyperspectral Imaging Handheld tool used by the surgeon on a patient's body, enabling high-precision cancer tumor removal while minimizing removal of healthy tissue.

The definition of a successful cancer tumor removal operation is a complete and total removal of the tumor. The Golden Standard practiced today at any hospital in the world, to determine such complete removal is accomplished by an experienced pathologist, at the pathology laboratory, after the operation was concluded and patient removed from the operation room. The pathologist will examine the margins of the resected tumor under his microscope. If the tumor margins are clean of cancerous tissue – then the tumor was completely removed and the operation was successful. However, should any cancerous tissues be found on the resected tumor margins, it will directly imply that the tumor was not completely removed during the operation, it means that cancer tissue has been left undetected on the patient’s body. The outcome is a repeated operation in which the patient has to return to the operation room.
We are aiming at drastically reducing the number of repeated operations due to cancerous tissue left on the patient body in the first operation, by providing the surgeon a decision support tool to verify a complete tumor removal before concluding the operation
The solution impacts the patients, the surgeons, the hospitals, the payers (insurance companies, health providers institutions), the breast reconstruction plastic surgeons and breast implants manufacturers.
After removing the tumor mass, it offers real-time intraoperative scan and analysis of the operational cavity based on tissue's Bio-Optical properties. The Rainbow, used intraoperatively, identifies residual cancerous tissue on the patient’s body, which otherwise could be left undetected, and it guides the surgeon to their exact location, for further removal.
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